With Market America World Conference just a few days away, my mind is focused on the entrepreneurial spirit. Not just focusing on achieving success, but about the very mindset that is necessary in order to even begin that journey. We all have dreams. We have ideas we hope will lead to big things. But without action and the right frame of mind, they’re just thoughts. So as we lead into conference week, I hope to share some words of enlightenment and motivation. Here are some words of wisdom that inspire me in business. I hope they will resonate with you as well.


Words of Wisdom for Every Entrepreneur

Think BIG. First and foremost, think big for yourself. Don’t limit what you can do with shortsighted thinking. This is the time to really go for it and be brave about what you want for yourself.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Next, write out a plan as to how you’re going to make it happen. Don’t just sit and think about it. Think about how you’re going to take steps to achieve that big dream.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Simple as that. After you have the big dream and your plan to achieve it, you actually have to take the first step. That first step will lead to the next, and so on. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way.


Stop dreaming, start doing. Don’t be afraid to take action. Just start with the very first thing you can do. Everything else will fall into place through growth and progression. But you actually have to start taking steps towards your goals to get there.


Do more of what makes you happy. If there’s no love, joy or passion in what you do, it will never take you very far. If you truly enjoy your work, you’ll be better at it and it will fulfill you. It will be much more than just making a living. It will be about making a life.


Life always offers a second chance; it’s called tomorrow. The road to success isn’t perfect. There will be ups and downs and a whole lot of learning experiences. But there is always another chance to do it again and do it well. So don’t get discouraged if you stumble along the way to figuring it all out. Everyone does. You just have to keep going and never give up.


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