So many people struggle with feeling like they’re stuck in a rut or trapped in the same position at work for extensive periods of time – it’s the way of the world. But honestly, it really doesn’t have to be that way. You’re a hard worker, you have great ideas, you approach assignments with an excellent attitude and you’re a team player to the max, so why is it that you aren’t getting that promotion you so badly deserve? Why is no one acknowledging your contributions in the form of a promotion or a big raise? From lacking the confidence to get there to not understanding how to play the game, here’s a look at a few reasons why you’re not moving ahead in your career.


Why You’re Not Moving Ahead in Your Career

Put on your acceptance hat and stop being so defensive. Constructive criticism is essential to growth, and that means being able to take that critique like a champ. You aren’t always going to be right – it’s simply time to come to terms with that fact and being unable to handle critique will leave you looking like you have no desire to grow or gain knowledge about your industry. Show off your desire to learn more by being more accepting of constructive advice – it also shows off your ability to be a real team player.

You’re lacking confidence in your own abilities. This is a tough one. Deep down you know you’re doing it all right. You’re getting all the work done, you’re a crucial member of the team and you have great ideas – why are you so nervous about your ability? It’s human nature to doubt yourself, but if you truly want that promotion, it’s time to step up and imagine yourself doing the job at the next level. Gain that confidence in yourself and others will feel it too.

Show off your skills. Your boss is probably a pretty busy person and while he or she might know deep down that you’re doing a great job, you may have to bring some of your accomplishments to light. After all, you really are the only one who knows what pieces and parts of your work really shine. Don’t be afraid to sit down with your boss every once in a while to talk about what you’re doing right and how those successes have contributed to the success of the overall team. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Think big. Part of getting ahead includes being able to see the big picture, and that means getting outside of your own little bubble. Understanding how your role fits into the grander scheme is essential for setting the stage for your future growth at company. What is it that you can do to expand your role? How could your role impact the success of certain company initiatives? Having a strategic vision for the future is the first step to showing what your value actually is.

Do you feel stuck in your role at work? Which of these tips do you think you can use to start moving the needle toward a promotion?

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