What to look for in the perfect apartment


It can be both a stressful and fun experience when you head out on a quest to find the perfect apartment. Whether you have loads of time to spare or you’re in a rush to find the one, apartment hunting is a pretty exhilarating process. From seeking out the listings to touring all the options, knowing what you need, what you want and what you’ll settle for is essential. Asking loads of questions can mean the difference between scoring the apartment of your dreams or landing a lemon that just doesn’t fit the bill. If you’re ready to get your search on, keep reading for what to look for in the perfect apartment.

Location. Location. Location. You hear this all the time when it comes to real estate – and that’s not just something that applies to buyers. As a renter, you also want to be sure your home is located in the location you love. Whether that location makes for an easy work commute, is in walking distance to all your favorite shops and restaurants or is even located by your favorite park or green space, living in a neighborhood you love makes all the difference.

Amenities. Knowing what type of amenities you’re after will help weed out the initial search by narrowing down the type of building you’re after. Are you looking for something that includes covered parking, a fitness center, dry-cleaning services, a doorman or even things like room service? Make a list of all your essentials and supplement that with some added benefits that would be nice to have – like a pool or roof-top deck!

Size. In some cities skimping on size is essential for affording the apartment you love in the neighborhood you love – but knowing just how much space you must have will help in the decision process. Maybe your must-haves include loads of space – multiple bed and bathrooms, for example. Be firm on what you’re willing to compromise – space vs. location or space vs. amenities, for example.

Utilities and lease. Some things that factor into the overall cost of an apartment can certainly be the decision maker – and, what’s included in terms of utility costs and the lease terms are absolutely essential. Take a look at your over-all monthly budget before committing to a lease – you may be able to negotiate the monthly rent based on what is and what isn’t included. Lease length is also a deciding factor – be sure you are able to commit to the length of the lease – and what the penalties are for breaking it should you have to move.

Look and feel. You have to love the space to love your apartment, right? And, if creating the apartment of your dreams is what you’re after – make sure this one feels right. Ask yourself these questions when touring each potential apartment: Is there enough natural light? Does it have the modern or rustic feel I’m after? Does it have ample outdoor space? Are the appliances up to the standards I desire? Is the wall color my taste – or something that can be easily changed?

If you’re on the apartment search right now, happy hunting! What are the features that you look for in the perfect apartment?


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