We touch a lot of different things throughout the day, and if you’re anything like me, you probably take some of your most prized electronics with you everywhere. Basically, this means that your computers, tablets and touch screen phones are probably full of dust and germs. What can we do to get rid of it all? How can we keep the surfaces of out electronics clean throughout the day? Read on to learn more!


Phone- Trust me, your phone needs some extra TLC and love. First thing first, it’s best that you look up the cleaning instructions for the make and model of your phone. Companies usually keep this information online. Next, you need to take out your phone’s battery or turn it off. If your phone has a keypad, make an alcohol and water mixture, then dip a cotton swab and swab it all over your keypad.

To keep your phone clear of fingerprints, pick up a microfiber cloth (you know, the ones they give you for your glasses) and wipe that all over your touch screen. To prevent germs, I suggest investing in an antibacterial polish. It keeps your screen super shiny and prevents it from attracting those pesky. You can also buy cleaning kits specifically made for cleaning and clearing touch screens.

Computer and Tablet- To clean your computer, you should probably check out your computer’s cleaning instructions. Again, be sure to turn off your computer. Take a dry cleaning toothbrush and scrub out debris in those crevices. Next, use a microfiber cloth with some glasses cleaner to clear the screen and keyboard. After, dab a cotton swab in an alcohol and water mix to sanitize the keyboard and free any more debris from the crevices.

Cleaning your tablet is easy! All you have to do is use a microfiber clothe and some water to clear and sanitize your tablet’s screen.


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