As the head of a makeup brand, it’s no secret that my makeup collection is well, um—huge. Keeping track of where everything goes can be a headache for me. It seems that no matter what I do, my makeup collection always ends up a wreck. My brushes are mixed in with my mascara wands, and my lipsticks always lost in some clutch. Don’t even get me started with the palettes as they’re never in the right place. I’m in need of some organization help, which that’s why I’m writing this post today. Here are some tips to help you find a place for your palettes, but also to help me, because God knows I need it.


Mugs and cups- While doing my research, I learned that cute mugs aren’t always for just drinking coffee. To liven up your bedroom décor, put your brushes, pencils and lipsticks in different colorful mugs and cups. If you want to get really innovative, you can pick up clear glass cups, pour in some beads, and then place your brushes inside so that they stay up right.



Store Where You Least Expect it- Add some of your slimmer brushes, pencils, and mascara wands into an old pencil box. Maybe keep the products that you use on a regular basis in your mugs, and the specialty brushes that you use less often in the pencil box.



Too Many Palettes- If you have too many palettes, like myself, then look no further. Pick up a file organizer. I know it sounds like an odd choice, but you just stack your makeup palettes in the organizer for a neat look.



Ice Tray- Individual eye shadows can be a pesky product when you have nowhere to put them. They’re so small and hard to find. Try to put them in an ice tray in order to separate them and keep them all in one place.



Invest in a Storage Solution- Though a bit pricier than cups and mugs, investing in a true makeup storage unit, like this acrylic option from Sherrieblossom, can help keep everything at a glance and in its place for easy access.


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