how to build a successful team at work


So you find yourself at a cross-roads. You’re in the position you’ve dreamed of: ready to lead a team to the top. You’re prepared to tackle anything in your personal career – after all, you’re the consummate go-getter. Problem is, now you’ve got to have a winning team behind you. Without that team, there’s no way you’ll get it all done and there’s definitely no getting to that next level. No matter if you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’re ready to reach the next milestone in your job, a team that nails it is half the battle. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the leader you know you can be? You can’t do it without a rockin’ team behind you. Keep reading for a few tips on how to build a successful team at work.

  1. Set clear expectations. Once you have the people that can fill specifically needed roles on the team, you’re ready to rock. Everyone has their place, but knowing exactly what they are each responsible for is essential when it comes to operating like a well-oiled machine. Setting clear goals and expectations for each team member individually, will contribute to the over-all success of the project and the team. Don’t be afraid to lay it all out there – in fact, you’re team members will appreciate knowing exactly what’s expected of them.
  2. Be clear about the goals of the team as a whole. Setting individual goals is one thing (and it’s certainly an essential piece of your leadership role), but having goals for the team holistically is essential for each individual to feel like they are contributing to the greater good. People want to be a part of something, and they want to be a part of something big with awesome outcomes – showing your team members where you strive to be is essential for motivation and success.
  3. Get to know your team members. Only knowing a few members of the team won’t help you define who and how to fill each essential role, but knowing all of them will. Having a deep understanding of each individual personality will set the stage for big picture success. Figuring out the puzzle of how to bring a variety of skills and personalities together is essential when it comes to meeting deadlines and achieving milestones. Don’t let all the teamwork get in the way of spending time getting to know how individuals operate and what they need to be successful.
  4. Ensure that your team members are both committed and excited about the success of the team, not just success as individuals. An overarching drive to see a team reach each goal along the way to the ultimate goal is essential to building a successful team. Striking a balance between both individual and team success means having members who are driven in a multitude of ways – meaning they are never lacking in sources for enthusiasm and innovation.
  5. Have fun. This might be the most important step in the process of building a winning team – you want employees who want to be there. And, having a little fun is essential. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean people can’t and shouldn’t enjoy their day – it’s just the opposite, in fact. Team members who enjoy their jobs and are delighted by the camaraderie of their coworkers are better employees – because, they too want to see the ultimate success of the team. So don’t forget to relax a little and infuse a little touch of fun into each (and every) day.

Have you ever been tasked with building a team at work? Do you think you could incorporate some of these tips?



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