These 8 Websites Will Pay You $50+ to Write a Post

Think you have the chops for writing? You love to research and produce work that is original and timely? You may be sitting on a gold mine!

Paid guest blogging is an easy way to start a freelancing career. Anyone can do it! you don’t need to be an established writer or to be published in top magazines or publications. This might be the ultimate stepping stone to getting there – and you get paid for your efforts. Furthermore, by the time you’ve mastered it you will have a portfolio of work that you can leverage to get even higher paid gigs.

If you successfully submit a guest post to a paying blog even once per month, at $50 to $100 per post you’ll earn an extra $600 to $1,200 each year.

Before you Pitch

  • Do your homework
  • Follow the rules
  • Make sure its 100% original
  • Make sure its suitable to their audience
  • There is no guarantee your submission will be published

1.Aspire-Canada: $50+

Aspire-Canada will pay you to write! If you are a member of the Aspire-Community or in the Ambassador program – all the better! It means you have an idea what our readers like.  If not, become a subscriber today and get started.  Aspire-Canada is seeking well researched posts on careers, networking/mentorship, money/investing, and entrepreneurship. Posts must be a minimum of 800 words.

2.Listverse: $100

Listverse publishes nothing but lists. Their posts are all long lists (usually beyond 1,500 words long) containing at least 10 items, with an explanation of why each item deserves its place on the list.

3.Babble: $100+

Babble is Disney’s parenting website. They’re interested in stories that discuss parenting from an unusual angle or offer fresh advice on a parenting topic.

4.Brazen: $100+

Brazen (formerly Brazen Careerist) will pay if you pre-arrange it with their editor. They’re looking for posts about higher ed administration, marketing, networking, and recruiting and HR.

5.Daily Worth: $150

DailyWorth pays $150 for articles about women and money. They list a generic editorial@ email address for post submissions.

6.Cosmopolitan Magazine: $100 pays $100 for essays about college. They’re also using this essay submission as a way to find writers for special assignments.

7. Refinery 29: $75

Refinery29 reportedly pays $75 and up for slideshows, articles, and essays on various topics. They also post their needs for specific columns on their guidelines page.

8. – $50

Making a Living Writing is a successful blog for writers. Topics include blogging, time management, and how to find writing jobs. You can read the details here.

Have you written for any of these websites? Found others that pay well? Tell us in the comments below.

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