Whether you want to beat the chill or lay on the beach, I’ve made you a list of some of the hottest vacation destinations in 2019. Keep reading for a little travel inspiration.

The Top Trending 2019 Vacation Destinations


The history of Scotland will blow you away, and its beauty will take your breath away. From the castles to liveliness of Edinburgh to the magic of Isle of Skye, there’s no shortage of things to do or see.

  1. Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland is a must-see. Walk the Royal Mile for some fantastic shopping and cafés.
  2. Skye: Stay at a B&B and enjoy the simple life for a few days.
  3. Glasgow: This port city is a cultural hub of thriving museums, music, theatre, opera, and ballet. Be sure to check out the stunning art nouveau and Victorian architecture while you’re there as well.

New Zealand

This Oceanic country, made up of two main islands, is dotted with volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, and geysers.

  1. Waiheke Island: Vogue named this island the ‘Hamptons of New Zealand.’ That seems like reason enough to pay it a visit.
  2. South Island: If you’re an adventure seeker, this place is ripe with bungee jumping and skydiving. For the more mellow, there’s wine country with a spa. When do we leave?
  3. Milford Sound: One of the most iconic views of New Zealand, this remote fjord is part of South Island. Beyond the fjord, there are also rainforests and waterfalls.


Oman is a coastal Middle Eastern country on the Arabian Peninsula that features palm trees, sand dunes, and breathtaking mosques.

  1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque: This is the main mosque in Oman, and can hold up to 20,000 worshippers.
  2. Sharqiya Sands: Make sure to see the desert in all its glory.
  3. Royal Opera House Muscat: A more modern building set against the history of the city, this is a vast arts complex hosting theater performances and concerts, and even has gardens!

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