Imagine a world without shampoo. Well, that’s how some women are really living. Shampoo has chemicals in it that are damaging our hair and health. Plenty of women have taken noticed and are now aiming for a no “poo” (no shampoo) way of treating their hair.


Here’s the deal: way back women didn’t have shampoo, yet they still had long and gloriously beautiful hair. Fast forward to today, and we have shampoo with all it’s unpronounceable chemicals that leaves our hair with tons of residue, strips it of all its natural oils and could be damaging to our health.

The no “poo” way of life is all about switching out regular shampoo and conditioner for a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse. Some women are going for a water-only treatment, or using shampoo soaps rather than shampoo.

Many women report that their hair stays cleaner for longer with the no “poo” system, and that there is little to no reside residue. There is also a transition period where hair tries to adjust to the new treatment. Women are also saying that it’s best for when you want to rock your natural hair, as shampoo often strips it of it’s natural texture. Because baking soda and the ingredients in shampoo soaps dry out hair, it’s important that you wait a few 3-5 days before each wash.


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