The Lavantine Linner at the Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates is truly a culinary delight and a rare chance to experience truly authentic Arabian cuisine in Dubai, in a luxurious, contemporary setting. The luxurious five-star hotel itself is simply stunning! and fit for a queen. Led by Head Chef Maher Khaled Chehada, the team prepares food that is authentic, aromatic and genuinely Arabic.

We arrived at the hotel at around 7pm for the Levantine Linner with three kids in tow. Lucky for us, the kids were also in for a delightful treat, with a host of activities including face painting, a magician and an ice cream and candy cart. As we sat down at our table, we were offered a range of nutritious, freshly squeezed, healthy fruit juices prepared from a range of nutritiously dense fruits such as tamarind, green apple, strawberry, pineapple and carrot.

The Lavantine Linner includes live cooking stations and street food trolleys, a saj corner, a shwarma stand and a ‘raw meat’ experience. A range of deserts and sweets were served in another dining room. The Levantine Linner celebrates the cuisine of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus. There was food in abundance e.g. lamb kofta, chicken, shawarmas, falafel, and kebbeh.

The Levantine Linner also features Kibbeh Orfalleyah which is a dish of minced meat with bulgur and spices with many variants, eaten raw or cooked. It is regarded as the national dish of Lebanon and the Olea version is the tastiest and best presented we’ve seen thus far, filled with succulent lamb and pine nuts.

Pictured below: The desert table, lined with decadent treats.

Pictured below: A lovely cascading fountain with a selection of fruits to dip and enjoy.

The desert and candy bar was a hit with the kids as well as the face painting.

Macaroons in every flavour like vanilla, strawberry chocolate and pistachio were served at the kids candy table.

The clown was friendly and made balloons on demand – a sword, a dog, you name it – she made it. She also did the face painting and our daughter got a butterfly design with pink, gray, black, as well as glitter interspersed throughout.

Olea had a range of decadent Arabic deserts. We also had the the Osmalliah, a sweet vermicelli with keshta and honey syrup as well as a serving of baclavage.

The view outside on the 300 sq. ft. terrace was also stunning and there was enough seating to host a party overlooking the city, including a view of the seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel.

All Photos pictured above: Blair Global Media

Olea Restaurant:

Starters range from 35 – 50 AED

Mains go from 70 AED to 120 AED with a mixed grill shareable with up to three people for 250 AED

Deserts are 40 AED each

The cost for dinner for two is approx 600 AED (minus shisha). For more check out Olea here.

Levantine Linner:

Every Thursday from 6 pm to 11 pm

  • AED 195 inclusive of soft drinks
  • AED 245 inclusive of house beverages
  • AED 325 inclusive of house beverages and sparkling

To make your reservations, call +971 4 409 5111, email

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