Do you ever take notice of your personal qualities that seem to be the ones you’re born with? Maybe you feel like a natural leader or perhaps you were born to be a mom. Are you filled with a sense of wanderlust or do you naturally gravitate toward making an incredible home? What if you always felt like you’re a born entrepreneur? How would you know? With a few simple ideas and a look at your typical tendencies, you can tell if you’re a born entrepreneur.Your passions play a huge role in your work. Turing your passion into a business makes total sense to you – and you’re not afraid to run with it.

The word shortcut means nothing to you. You fully understand that getting to the top means hard work and lots of it – and, you’re ok with that.

Risk is your middle name. Sounds counter-productive, right? Well, it actually isn’t when taking risks is really the only way to find out if there’s a reward at the end of the rainbow. To you, risking it all in the name of your passion isn’t scary, it’s actually a must-do.

You totally get that concentration is essential. Keeping your eye on the prize means focusing on all the facets of success one step at a time.

The 40 hour workweek doesn’t exist for you. In fact, a work week in general isn’t in your vocab – you’re always on, always thinking about your next big idea – and, how you’re going to get there.

You’re undying passion motivates those around you – and, you know it. Getting super excited about what you believe in is completely contagious and that energy excites you even more.

You understand the rules of business. You may not be born with this knowledge, but you totally get the fact that you need to go out of your way to learn everything you can about running a business. You know what they say, knowledge is power.

Being a born entrepreneur means putting everything you have into a dream that could actually become your dream come true. Do you think you have the qualities of a born entrepreneur?


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