Where are you in this very moment? That seems like an easy question with an even easier answer. You are somewhere in front of some version of a computer reading this sentence.

But where are you?

Being in front of a computer has become so second nature to us, that we can “be” in front of it without even really being present.

Your eyes may be in front of it, and your body may be in front of it but YOU are probably inside some situation that lives either in the past or the future.

It is said that the average person thinks around 60,000 thoughts per day


But, did you know that the majority of those thoughts are the same thoughts…day after day after day? And you know what? Very little of those thoughts are about right here, right now.

So, I would like to challenge you to be different from all of those people that can’t reach their dreams because they are trapped in the same thoughts day in and day out..

Here’s what to do first.

Feel your body right here right now.

Feel your feet and your legs, not with your hands, but from the inside with your mind. The same way you can imagine tasting a tart lemon, reclaim that energy that you’ve been using to wish you were somewhere else. Bring back that energy that is stuck in some argument from the past that you’re still going over in your mind.

Let all that stuff go. Feel your arms and your shoulders. Feel your back, your chest and your lung.

Now, keep breathing slowly while I let you in on a little secret.

Those other moments that you worry about don’t exist.

I know you want that new job or want to find out how the latest crisis in your life is going to turn out (this time). You may even want your “ex” to get what’s coming to them for hurting you.

Those 60,000 thoughts swing us all over the place. But the only thing that is real is that last breath that you just took. And it didn’t happen up ahead, or back when you were five. It happened NOW.

Life gets real yummy when you get out of the past and get out of the future and put your whole heart and soul into what you are doing in the NOW.

P.S. If this felt good for you, take it a step further and click the link below. It shows you how I used staying in the NOW strategy to finally achieve my dreams.

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