When you’re nervous, it’s easy to feel less confident. Your voice wavers and you start saying statements like they’re questions. It’s important to push through that nervousness. It’s important to feel confident. That’s why I think that you should train yourself to sound more confident. If you sound confident, those confident feelings will follow and you’ll seem as of you know it all. Check out my tips for sounding more confident! Let me know what you think in the comments section! I love to know what you guys think!


#1. Mask Your Nervousness- I know it’s hard, but you need to mask your nervousness. Try to take on another emotion. Happiness works best. If you push through those nervous feelings and let out a strong smile, everything you say after will seem confident. People don’t know what you’re feeling inside so it’s time that you fool them.

#2. Don’t Say a Statement as a Question- This is a tricky one and I am absolutely a victim of this. It’s an easy way to give off those nervous vibes. It can make you sound vulnerable. Your sentences should sound like they have deliberate periods at the end. You can do it.

#3. Make Them Laugh- Make light of a situation and join in on the laughter. It helps to bond people together. Don’t you feel closer to your friends when you share a laugh. It’ll help you to feel more confident and ease you into the situation.

#4. Keep Something in Your Back Pocket- You’ll mess up, especially if you’re feeling nervous. Here’s what you can do: keep something in your back pocket to help make light of the situation when you do make that mistake. Make the people around you laugh. You’re not perfect don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself.

#5. No “Um’s” Allowed- No filler words allowed! Practice to avoid those filler words. Get into more situations where you feel nervous in order to practice sounding more confident. You’ve got this.

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