There’s no doubt that social media has quickly become one of our main forms of communication. With friends, family and even business, it’s easy to get a bit “too comfortable” forgetting that loads of people can see and comment on what you do and say. Whether you’re not sure if you’re oversharing or if you’re walking a fine line with getting just a bit too opinionated, keep reading for some basic social media etiquette.


Social Media Etiquette: Know the Basics

The biggest thing to think about with any social media channel is who should the audience be for my post? Social media is just that – it’s social – spreading a message far and wide, and tailoring down that list of recipients is often pretty crucial. Think about this: what if you’re using social media to deliver some sad or private news – blasting it to all of your Twitter followers is probably not the right way to go. But a small, private group on Facebook is just perfect.

Think about the message you’re about to deliver. Is this information that friends, family and connections will find useful and important – or is this specific only to you? Being a bit discerning with your posts is important; you don’t want to become that person, driving everyone mad with posts about every single detail of your day.

Before you post a strong opinion, think to yourself: is this going to offend anyone? While you’re closest friends might find it amusing, your grandma might not feel the same way. Think carefully about how to phrase something or who to send it to before publishing a post that could be offensive.

Don’t be too vague, especially when it comes to something serious that might leave people feeling concerned or worried about you. This is especially important when discussing someone’s health, wellness or safety – vagueness can often leave people in the dark and feeling completely anxious. If you have a specific message to deliver, be clear – and for certain situations, think about another form of delivery – like an email or phone call.

Think before you act. Remember, social media is a pretty public forum and if you’re posting reactive responses or loads of images from last night at the bar, you could be exposing yourself in negative ways. You’re probably connected to one or two people at work, right? Would you want your boss seeing your every move from your girl’s trip to Vegas? Probably not. Enough said.

Give your spelling and grammar a quick self-edit. Makes sense, right? There’s nothing worse than posts that are basically unreadable due to so many spelling mistakes. So take a minute or two to double check before you publish.

Be positive. Everyone has that friend that uses Facebook to spill complaints about everything and everyone – and too much of that brings people down. Be the person that raises people up with positivity and energetic posts. Share the good news and the fun photos – let people be happy for you and excited to hear from you.

What do you think? Can you incorporate these simple standards into your social media posts?

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