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Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Media and serial entrepreneur, is offering hopeful entrepreneurs the opportunity to Pitch To Rich.

“Building a prototype isn’t always an essential step, but it might help you to land investors by showing them how the product will work. It really can change attitudes. Try to keep costs as low as possible. Your prototype should demonstrate your product’s most important functions, look good and capture investor’s attention It must be easy to understand,” explains Richard Branson in a recent Daily Monitor blog.

He went on further to state “finding a source of funding for a startup used to be a bigger obstacle than it is now. In the past, entrepreneurs used to have to carry their business plans from one company to the next. This process could take years, and often ended in disappointment. But times have certainly changed. There are now throngs of investors, companies and organisations looking to invest, hoping that the next big thing will come their way. Crowdsourcing and government loans are two other options for aspiring entrepreneurs”.

Branson is inviting applicants to pitch for a share of an astounding £1,000,000, the categories include Grow, New Things and Start-Ups. Whether you want to change your business from the inside, share big, disruptive ideas or reach your full potential, now is the chance to shine.

If you have an innovative idea Pitch to Rich 2015 just maybe your ticket! You can apply here.



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