ASK ME A QUESTIONCategory: QuestionsQuestion for John Bennett How to land a business idea
Jesus Medina asked 3 years ago

Dear John,
I am very keen to develop a business idea, but at the same time I feel very stuck on how to come up with something realistic. At this point, the only thing that I know is that I would like to work on something related to helping the environment. I have a passion for trees and nature. I´ve been thinking in doing urban forestry, tree nursery, tree planting, but that´s it. I I don´t know how to make the first step. I guess that how to land a good business idea would be my main question for you.
I am not sure how the mentorship works, so anything that you can tell me in order to start working in a project, preferably, related to helping the environment. will be very appreciated.
I would be great if we could have a quick chat about this topic.
Thank you very much for your time!