Expecting a special delivery this year? If you’re an expecting mom or dad-to-be there’s no doubt that baby names have been on your mind. You’re probably reading list after list of name possibilities and changing your mind repeatedly! Whether you’re more traditional or feeling adventurous and creative, there are loads of names out there to choose from…how will you decide? Keep reading for a roundup of the 2015 most popular baby names. And, congrats on your growing family!

Most Popular Baby Names For 2015

  • When it comes to names that are reminiscent of places or seasons, states like Alabama, Carolina and Georgia are making it big.
  • Some parents will get beachy with Dune, Beach and even Ocean, while other natural names like Snow and North will continue to be popular.
  • Unisex names will continue to make a big play in 2015. Some favorites include: Madison, Sidney, Carey, Darien, Kai, Kelly, Milan, Robin, Tracy and Tatum.
  • How about anything ending with Bella: Isabella, Mirabella, Rosabella are all beautiful choices.
  • Or something in the family of Everett, Beckett or Bennett.
  • Piper, Silas and Atticus are also popular this year.
  • Going global means looking to some traditional names from overseas. Popular this year: Greer, Isla, Finlay, Flora, Fiona and Duncan.
  • How about naming your new bundle of joy after your favorite leafy green? Kale (or even Cale) is making its way onto the list of most popular baby names of 2015 as are Apple and Juniper.
  • There’s a few that have been topping the charts for some years now – and, are probably here to stay for a while longer – Olivia, Lily, Sophia and Oliver, Jack and Jacob – just to name a few.
  • Talk of Serena, Brooke, Martha and Lila means 2015 can expect to see a swoop of these beauties. Along with Jesse, Roman, Jenson and Corey for the guys.

Not sure where you should look for baby name inspiration? Check out Nameberry to see an alphabetical list of the most popular names this year.

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