In need of a sugar fix? Maybe it’s time to rethink it. There are plenty if reasons to quit eating sugar. According to Byrdie, studies have shown that our obsession with delicious sugary confections really is an addiction. Scary right? Our bodies crave it, making us want sugar all the time. The cravings are real, but there are ways to stop those cravings. How do we do it? Read on to learn more and make sure to leave a comment below!


Cravings are Something We Develop- Remember when you were a kid and you begged for dessert? Made it seem as though it was normal to be obsessed with sugary treats, right? The truth is, it’s not. We weren’t born with this sugar addiction. It develops over time. Our taste buds send signals to our brains telling us it’s what we want, when it’s not actually natural or good for us.

Train Your Brain- Now that we know these sugar cravings are something that we develop rather than something we’re born with, it’s a matter of training our brains. Fitness trainer and expert, Patrick Murphy told Byrdie, it’s mind over matter. According to Murphy, “Now it’s the time to change your choices and give your taste buds the chance to develop a craving (or liking for) the opposite of sweet.”

Detox- Going on a healthy detox is another way to quit that sugar addiction. Eating well in order to reset your body feels less intimidating than quitting cold turkey. My suggestion? Read Super Cleanse: Detox Your Body for Long- Lasting Health and BeautyThis book gives you all the tips you need for a healthy detox.

Steer Clear of Artificial Sweeteners- You aren’t fooling anyone by using artificial sweeteners over real sugar. They’ll actually heighten your sugar craving, according to Murphy. When grocery-shopping aim for words like “unsweetened” or “no sugar added.”

I know it’s scary. Letting go of sugar is no easy task, but it’s also not doing you any favors. You can do it!


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