It’s funny how your morning routine can set the tone for your entire day. When you oversleep or somehow end up rushing around, you often feel frazzled and like you’re completely unprepared, whereas a day that starts early with a healthy breakfast or some exercise can leave you feeling ready to tackle any challenge that crosses your path. No matter what, establishing a routine is one of the best ways to ensure you’ll get everything accomplished that will help set you up for a day that feels organized, energized and like you can get it all done. The big question: what’s the routine that works for you? If you’re still trying to figure this all out and get it all on track, here’s a look at a few ideas for good morning habits to start your day empowered and on the path to success.

Daily Rituals: How I Start My Day

Monday Motivation: A Morning Routine Full of Success
  1. Skip the snooze button – as tough as that is!
  2. Get up early, maybe even before the sun.
  3. Pray or meditate. Make sure to make time for a quiet minute.
  4. Eat a healthy and well-rounded breakfast – try eggs or some other protein rather than an on-the-go item.
  5. Get some exercise.
  6. Leave the house picked up and neat for when you get home – that means, make your bed!
  7. Spend some time making a list of three priorities for the day. Go in prepared to accomplish those three things.
  8. Catch up on the news of the day.
  9. Prep things like the coffee pot and school lunches the night before.
  10. Similarly, pick out your own outfit and your kiddos outfits before bed.
  11. Try spending some time walking the dog. He (or she) will really appreciate it and you’ll feel great too.
  12. Drink a huge glass of water – starting the day hydrated will help set that tone for the entire day.
  13. Skip the smartphone and instead spend some time self-reflecting or stretching.
  14. Go for a bike ride or just spend 15-20 minutes outside.
  15. Water your garden while you drink your coffee.
  16. Make a mindful effort at having a great attitude toward the day. In other words – don’t be grumpy! Be thankful for all you have and this beautiful life we live.
  17. Help your children and family members embrace that same attitude.
  18. Get excited for what’s to come.
  19. Listen to the news on the radio rather than scanning your smart phone.
  20. Take a timeout from social media – wait until later in the day to jump in there.

Everyone’s morning routine is a little different depending on your circumstances, but can you take a few ideas from this list to adjust things just a bit? I know I can.

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