Pooneh Manshadi

Aspire-Canada MENTOR

Pooneh Manshadi

President at Golden Caviar Skin Care

Pooneh Manshadi President and CEO of Golden Caviar, TV Host at NITV (Persian TV Station). She received an Award from Krome Cancer research and a five star seal from Constant Contact; she also received recognition from Beverly Hills’ Lifestyle magazine for the most luxurious skin care line. She encumbers 12 years of solid professional experience in skincare, graduated from University of Fullerton and received her MBA in Communications and minor in Advertisement. In her younger age her skin was not the type every women desired , that’s why she decided to learn more about beauty and health and help others that suffered the same way.

French Beauties have made headlines throughout history. When Pooneh visited Paris, she spent lots of time and search to look youthful for a lifetime and continues to influence and enchant the world. The enduring mission of skincare experts through the ages reflects the changing face of beauty.

Today, faced with age-related “environmental insults” skincare demands a sophisticated palate; the mission of improving tone, reducing free-radical damage, establishing firmness, elasticity and wrinkle reduction is a global pursuit. Now Golden Caviar Skin Care helps create the ageless appearance.

In 2001 Pooneh established Golden Caviar Skin Care, she believe that the only way to look good is to feel good, to take care of your body inside and out. Each technologically advanced formula is based on years of research by top experts in the field of dermatology, aging, nutrition and stress management.

Golden Caviar Skin Care is the intelligent way to care for your skin, protect your health, and shield your body against the ravages of time. Caviar was the solution to many skin issues, especially Anti-Aging, because cells of Caviar being very similar to human cells and the results...... were phenomenal!

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