John Bennett

Aspire-Canada MENTOR

John Bennett

Sierra Club Canada's Executive Director

Sierra Club Canada's Executive Director, John Bennett, has a long history of campaigning on energy and environmental issues. Back in the 1970s John co-founded the first Greenpeace office east of the Rockies and launched Greenpeace’s first nuclear power campaign. He created a media session by leading a trio of Greenpeace activists who canoed into the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant to prove it lacked security.

John was Communications Director for the Green Party of Canada, including the 2008 campaign in which the Greens, led by Elizabeth May, won nearly a million votes and was the only party to increase its total. His experience has demonstrated the importance of collaborating with other groups and including as many people as possible, and their ideas, in whatever work must be done. That was especially obvious in the creation of the Green Budget Coalition, which analyzed federal budgets in terms of their impact on environmental concerns. He also wants the knowledge he and others have gained to be passed on to younger people, particularly those in the Sierra Youth Coalition, “to ensure there’s someone to take up the torch.”

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