Ewa Wysocka

Aspire-Canada MENTOR

Ewa Wysocka

Co-Founder of Mindvalley Poland

Hailing from Poznan, Poland, Ewa has been one of the top creative minds and marketing experts at Mindvalley. In 2011, she was responsible for launching nine different businesses and taking Mindvalley’s publishing model to a 100% hit rate (from 50% in previous years).

This means that in 2011, every personal growth product launched by Mindvalley hit it’s revenue and target benchmarks partially due to Ewa’s innovations and methodology on the company’s launch process.

Her string of hits in 2011 include ChakraHealing.com, UnlimitedAbundance.com, AwesomenessFest.com, Omharmonics.com and SilvaManifesting.com. In 2011 alone, Ewa was responsible for launching 1 new website or product every 6 weeks with her team.
This perhaps makes her the single most active product launch expert in the Internet Marketing industry. Her eye for aesthetics, branding and design has also made her websites some of the most imitated in the industry.
In her spare time, Ewa is addicted to travel (especially diving in the islands of South East Asia), Thai-boxing, and speaking at marketing events around the world.

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