If you’re working from home, staying inspired can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to stay focused and keep the creativity flowing if you’re on your own can be a little stifling if your work environment isn’t doing much to make you want to stay in it. For me, the little details matter. Which is why I try to glam up my space with small touches of interesting things to make it more inviting. Ready to give your desk or your home office a quick makeover? Perhaps a touch of gold here and a little bit of sparkle there just might give your creative side the boost it needs. From a super cool stapler to a whole new desk, keep reading for a roundup of a few little luxuries to liven up your office, just a touch.


Little Luxuries: Glam Items for Your Desk & Home Office

Acrylic and Gold Stapler


Small Gold Tray


Modern Mirrored Desk


Gold Clip Lamp


Gold Bud Vase


Inspiring Print


Glamorous Desk Chair


How do you keep your work space inspiring?

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