Even if you’re nowhere near close to turning 40, it’s never too soon to start thinking about all the things you need to tackle before that big day comes. There’s nothing like being prepared and feeling like you’re ready to tackle the next phase of your life with a whole bunch of experience in the bag. From knowing the best ways to live an independent life to having a plan for setting yourself up financially, here’s a list of my take on 10 things to learn before you’re 40.

10 Things to Learn Before You’re 40
  1. How to say no. From your personal life to the boardroom, this is a tough lesson to learn, but one that will help you navigate some of the most difficult situations.
  2. How to delegate responsibility. By the time you turn 40 learning how to not shoulder the burden of everything is an essential and valuable skill.
  3. How to be responsible with money. This can be a tough lesson to learn early on – especially when you start making a little bit of money. At 40, it’s time to know how to let your money work for you and when and what to save to set yourself up comfortably later in life.
  4. How to let negativity roll off your back. This is another one of those lessons that’s a bit of a challenge earlier on, but once you’ve been affected one too many times by negative people, you’ll be ready to simply hold your head high and walk away.
  5. How to live your best life. This means living freely, independently and the way you want to live without worry of criticism or input from those around you. You’ll know by 40 exactly what you want and how to get it on your own terms.
  6. How to walk away from relationships that bring you down. This can be anything from friendships to lovers – by the time you’re 40, you should be able to say you’ve had enough.
  7. How to let the big stuff matter and the small stuff be no worry whatsoever. You can’t stress about it all – learning how to let it go is essential.
  8. How to take it easy on yourself. Sometimes we’re really, really tough on ourselves – to look a certain way, be a certain way etc…by 40, it’s time to let that go and let yourself live comfortably in your own skin.
  9. How to be a good listener. By 40 you’re going to know lots of people who have gone through all sorts of ups and downs and that’s the time to start being the best friend, colleague, lover you know how to be. And, that means being able to listen without judgement and to listen when that’s all someone else needs of you.
  10. How to just be you. No shows, no veils, no living on anyone else’s terms or for the approval of anyone else – just you.

Some of these are some tough lessons to learn, while some just come with the territory of life. What do you think? Are these challenges you can tackle in the coming years to approach 40 with a free spirit and a wealth of life experiences that will set you up for the next set of challenges? Or are you already 40 and do you feel like these are valuable things that have helped you navigate this part of life?

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