We’ve all had that moment where we’ve made a decision based purely on a feeling. Whether that’s a good or bad habit – I’m not sure – but it’s happened to all of us at one point or another. Despite the rationale your brain may try to instill, when intuition kicks in, that’s it – you’re rolling with it. In some cases that may seem like a rash decision – like it wasn’t well thought out or as though you aren’t weighing all the options, but from time-to-time learning to trust your intuition can pay off, especially in business. Whether you work for yourself or you’re part of a larger organization, having a good sense of what works and what doesn’t comes in handy every once in a while – for both quick decisions and larger more strategic planning. So how do you know when to use it? Here’s a look at why learning to trust that inner voice can pay off – in more ways than one.


Learning to Trust Your Intuition for Business

Listening to your body. Whether you know it or not, we all have an innate sense built within that helps us navigate feelings of danger or wary situations. You know that feeling – it’s tough to describe because it truly comes from within – you just know. Whether it’s actually a physically dangerous situation or you’re weary of a person or even a pending business deal – your body will let you know when it’s time to flee. Listening to that gut feeling is essential for navigating your decisions in the business world.

Your initial reaction deserves some credit. Despite your rational self suggesting that you make lists and think about pros and cons of a situation, your initial instinct has some serious merit behind it. Think of all the times that you’ve had a first thought about something and then forced yourself to go through the decision-making process, only to be back at your original thought? It happens more than we care to admit – so from time to time, allow yourself to trust your first thought and roll with it.

Challenging yourself is OK too. Especially when it comes to business, some decisions can make or break a deal or even the future of an entire project – so why risk it? If you’re feeling like going with your gut right out of the gate isn’t the wisest course of action, good for you! That’s called being smart and thoughtful about the way you operate in the business world. Here’s thing – once you’ve challenged yourself, you’ve examined all the options and you’re still back at your original instinct – that’s when it’s time to give yourself due credit and simply operate on trust.

Do you ever just go with your gut when it comes to business decisions or do you employ a more strategic process?


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