Jobs Women Excel In

Ladies – have you ever thought to yourself – wow, I could do that job with my eyes closed? Turns out, you probably can. And, believe it or not, there are a whole heap of jobs out there where women actually dominate. Take a look at the following five jobs, where according to, women are making up more than 50% of the workforce and are raking in an average of more than 100K per year.

Nurse Anesthetist – This position also requires some pretty serious education considering this role means having the skills to put a patient under anesthesia and bring them back to consciousness safely and carefully. From an undergraduate degree in nursing to a masters plus nursing practicums and certifying exams, becoming a nurse anesthetist means spending some major time studying, but it pays off when women make up more than 57% of the workforce and bring in an average annual salary of about $151K.

Obstetrician/Gynecologist – from a long commitment to medical school to the exams and residency programs that follow, becoming a doctor in one of these specialized fields is no easy feat. Not to mention, these are high stress roles requiring the ability to stay calm and multitask all at once. But, women rule when it comes to these positions – making up more than 65% of the OBGYN workforce. Additionally, their average annual salary = $207K.

Optometrist – It’s pretty cool to think about a job so specialized that all your time is focused on a single small part of the body, like an eye – but that is one of our most important features and we’ll do anything to keep our eyes healthy. Optometrists have the skills to understand disease and all the functioning ins and outs of what it takes to keep someone’s vision in tip top shape. From a Bachelors to a Doctorate and even certifying exams, Optometrists have a pretty intense educational road, but with 56% of the workforce being made up of women who earn an average annual salary of $107K – it might be something to think about.

Senior Marketing Manager – The one job on this list that doesn’t fall into the medical field, but requires a pretty significant commitment to the role, senior marketing managers typically have a big challenge. From branding a company to developing a full marketing strategy, many marketing managers lead pretty large teams. With more than 58% of this workforce made up of women, you can expect an average annual salary of about $102K.

Pharmacist – While working in the pharmaceutical field might not mean examining patients, it still requires a pretty vested interest in medicine. Patients and customers may come to a pharmacist not only seeking advice with regard to prescription medications, but also in search of general guidance when it comes to health and wellness. Pharmacists have no easy task ahead when it comes to school – a science heavy course load in both undergraduate and graduate programs with the addition of licensing exams means you’re ready to commit to the field. But with women making up a solid 50% of the workforce, they also earn an average annual income of about $109K.

Women are definitely kicking some butt when it comes to this list of jobs – have you considered a role like one of these?


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