Do you ever feel the prongs of jealousy start to creep in? Unfortunately, jealousy makes its way in when we have feelings of insecurity or a lack of confidence. You can go from being completely sure of yourself one moment to riddled with jealousy in the next, and it’s up to you to have the confidence to control it. No matter what’s happening around you, taking pride in your own life and your own accomplishments is just what you need to do to leave jealousy behind and bring self-assurance to the forefront. Not sure how to keep jealous feelings in check? Here’s a look at why it has no place in your life.


Why Jealousy Has No Place in Your Life

Jealousy comes from insecurity. There’s nothing you want more in your life than to feel confident in your relationships. From romantic relationships to friendships and even the way you function with team members at work, feeling threatened is an easy way to also quickly become jealous. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be confident in who you are. At work – you know what you’re made of, don’t let anyone else’s performance overshadow your skills. In your friendships – try not to worry when you’re not always included – it’s OK! And, when it comes to romance, have the confidence to know your partner only has eyes for you – and, if not – that’s not the right relationship anyway.

Jealousy can easily take on a life of it’s own. Jealousy is one of those hard to control feelings that can easily go from playful to incredibly intense in less than a minute. Jealousy can fuel anger, hurt and all sorts of other negative feelings that can easily become very difficult to shake. It’s amazing how it snowballs – you start by being jealous about one thing or one person and then suddenly you find yourself looking at the whole world around you and it seems everyone has it better. Social media fuels it like nothing else out there, painting the picture of perfect lives, idealistic vacations and gorgeous homes. It’s tough to not compare yourself over and over. But here’s the thing: you are all that matters. It’s your life, your world, your family and no one else can define what that is. Trust me when I say, those perfect lives you see on social media – they have their issues too.

Jealousy can be distracting from accomplishing all that you want in life. If you’re too busy caught up looking at what everyone else has or does, you’ll easily miss the boat on success. Finding your path in life and achieving your goals and dreams is on you. No one else can make that happen, so getting caught up in the drama of being jealous of someone else will get you nowhere. Just put your head down, work hard, play hard and enjoy your life. You’ll suddenly see that jealousy has no place in a life where you’re fulfilled, happy and tackling your dreams.

No matter what jealousy can be tough to contend with. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re feeling that way until you suddenly see the signs in yourself. Turning that energy around to fuel your own success is a much wiser way of expending your energy and your smarts. So how about it? Can you give jealousy the ticket out and let self-confidence reign?

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