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If you suddenly find yourself hitting the job hunt pretty hard, you might be getting a bit worried about your rusty interview skills. Since interviewing for a new job can be pretty intimidating, brushing up on your interview skills can make you feel a whole lot better. Once you’ve put your resume out there and you’ve launched a networking campaign sure to win you that next opportunity, you can be pretty sure an interview is in the works. From planning ahead with an interview outfit sure to show off your pro side to coming armed with a selection of quality questions, you’ll knock ‘em dead with this guide for how to prepare for your next interview.

Do your research on the company – not just the job you’re after. Having a good understanding of the over-arching company goals and product or service lines will help give you the opportunity to tap into your own experiences that relate to the business. Showing that you’ve spend some time researching the company – and that it’s an organization you want to be a part of – for more than just merely a new job will help sell you as a potential new addition to the team.

Go back in time through your resume. If you haven’t had to break out your interview skills recently, it can be pretty tough to remember exactly all the professional experiences you’ve had over time. Giving yourself the chance to brush up on your own background will also help you remember some of the specific projects or professional experiences you’ve had that have helped shape your career.

Get very familiar with the job description. In all likelihood, at some point during the application process, you were able to get a good look at a description for the job you’re after. If you look closely, you’ll see some key terms tipping you off to many of the key parts of the role you’re after. Think carefully of everything from your background that aligns with the listed responsibilities and qualities the hiring manager is looking for. Write it all down to help give yourself an outline of your key points.

Get your interview look in order – the night before or even earlier, if possible. You know what they say – when you look good, you feel good – and feeling good means you’ll go in loaded with confidence and with your head held high. Being sure you’re appropriately dressed for the role and company culture will help display your ability to be part of the team.

Have a list of questions prepared ahead of time. While additional questions might come up while you’re talking with the hiring manager, having a prepped list of questions will help you make conversation and show your interest in the role and the company. Think about what you’d really like to know – for example, what percentage of this job will require travel; what’s the hiring timeline and what’s the expected growth pattern for this job?

Are you preparing for a job interview? What else do you like to do to get ready?

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