With all the travelling I do, I find myself getting distracted on long flights and car rides. Sometimes it can be too easy to stay in your head and focus on your anxieties and hardships. It gets to a point where we start to feel a little hopeless. So how do we fix that? How do we get out of our heads when we feel so stuck in them? The key is in focusing on the present moment. There are plenty of ways to do that, even when you’re just trying to get through everyday tasks. Here are three ways to keep you focused on the present moment.


Stay Mindful-When you notice yourself trailing off and focusing on negative thoughts, you have to stop yourself. Instead try to focus on something else. Listen to music if you can and try to focus on everything that you’re hearing. Start a conversation with someone or pay attention to your surroundings. Think of five things that you’re thankful for right at that moment. It could help you get out of your own negative thought process.

Do Something– They best way to focus on the present is by doing something. Ezra Cornell said “idleness is to the human mind like rust to iron,” which is why it’s important to do something. If you have nothing to do then try reading, writing, or picking up a hobby that will help keep you entertained and your focus on something else.

Enjoy Life– This one should be a no brainer, right? Focusing on the present moment is about savoring your food and admiring that sunset. Live your life slowly. The future is easy to worry about but the present is all we have so try to stay right here. Remind yourself of the good in your life, and take a deep breath, because life has a lot to offer and you deserve to enjoy it.


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