When it comes to a new business venture, you’ll need eyes on it to make it work. You need to go big or go home because big projects are worth celebrating. That’s why it’s important to create hype around a new launch. Create something with a big splash and see what happens next. Not sure on where to start? Well, that’s why I’m here. I’ve got the business know-how to help you create excitement over a new launch. Find out where to begin right here!


Put A Cover Page On Your Website- On Shop.com, we always have a new banner up that lets consumers know about promotions or special events. It creates excitement and reminds our customers that something big is coming or that a new deal is around. It informs, so that’s exactly what you need to do: inform. Create a cool banner or cover page letting your readers and customers know that great things are coming their way.

Start A Countdown- Promote by using a countdown in order to keep your audience guessing. Again, countdowns act as a reminder that that something big is on its way. It also helps builds plenty of anticipation and we all need some anticipation in our lives.

Celebrate By Giving Something Away- Plan a relevant giveaway and see what comes of it. It keeps your audience tuned in and allows some interaction while also appealing to everyone’s interest. You can request that your audience sign up for the giveaway so you can collect emails for future reminders.

Utilize Your Social Media- Blog about it and ask others in your industry to promote your new venture. Get the news out and document the progress. This keeps your audience informed and creates that hype you need.

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