Happiness Habit: Add THESE Rituals To Your Routine

Happiness needs to be a priority. More often than not, we let negative thoughts control our lives. We remind ourselves of what we don’t have, instead of being grateful for what we do have. These thoughts seep into our daily lives and make our world one that’s seen through a blue, sad lens, rather than a happy one. It’s time to change all that. It’s time to make happiness a habit in your life. It’s about changing your routine. Add these special rituals into your daily routine and watch your mood change. It’s all about perspective, people!

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Simplify the Negative- Maybe, you don’t like your job. Listen, we’ve all been there, but when it’s the only thing that’s on your mind, your life becomes consumed by it. Stop making things so dramatic. Everything is temporary when you really think about it. I know it’s easier said than done, but instead of obsessing over that job you hate, start obsessing over a new hobby you’ve taken up. Make all those negative things in your life smaller in your mind, that way, they become a smaller part of your life.

Rituals to help you simplify the negative:

Meditation: Meditation helps to keep your thoughts in check. Add meditation into your daily routine!

Prayer: When you find yourself overreacting to something, send out a little prayer. Say it out loud. Take a few deep breaths. You’re feeling happier already, aren’t you?

Do Less: You might be stretching yourself too thin. We don’t want you to feel burnt out, so try to delete a few things off your daily to-do list. Instead spend time doing something that makes you happy.

Stay Active- Jason Comely, who once had a really intense fear of rejection, came up with a formula for fear: fear= thinking+time. Makes sense, right? When we sit around wondering and thinking for too long, we start to worry. Worry breeds fear, which breeds unhappiness. Ward away fear by keeping active. Exercise and have plans for your day. Work on your goals or journal when you have time off. Sure, I’m a believer in relaxation, but too much of anything is bad. Keep some balance.

Rituals to help you stay active:

Take up a class: I know there’s a cooking class you’ve been wanting to take. Sign up for it!

Cultivate your relationships: Keep up with old friends on a daily basis. Make plans after work to see them. You deserve a fun and exciting social life.

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