Need a confidence boost? Listen, it’s not always easy to have your confidence level high. Even I struggle to stay confident all the time. Sometimes you just don’t like your body, or struggle with negative self talk. That’s why it’s so important that I keep my own hacks on hand to help me when my confidence is down. Some of them include just putting on a strong shade of lipstick or wearing my hair in a way that I love in order to feel better about myself. I have many more to help you boost your own confidence. Follow them below.


Think Of Your Best Memories- Do you have a moment when your confidence was through the roof? You felt like you were on top of the world. You cracked the best jokes and were willing to talk to anyone and everyone. You were the belle of the ball. I want you to go back to that memory and replay it in your head. Thinking of good memories where we were on top of the world helps us to feel more like Beyonce than you would think.

Use Mantras- When negative self talk sets in and you can recognize it, switch the conversation in your head by using mantras. Remind yourself that you are a rock star, champion, or queen. Whatever helps you get through. Decide to change your thought process and it will do wonders for you.

Write Down Compliments- People compliment you on your personality and looks more often than you would think. In order to help your remember those compliments, keep a running list on your phone. People notice when you’re great. You just need some help to remember yourself.

Fix Your Posture- What’s that mantra? Fake it til you make it? It’s my personal favorite and sometimes we have to use it in order to act as though we have it all together. So when you’re feeling vulnerable or less confident fix your posture. Your outward appearance can help with how you feel inside, so give your best Beyonce inspired Wonder Woman stance to help you feel like you’ve got this.

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