Forbes Reveals Six Top Social Media Jobs for Millennials

I spend quite a bit of time using social media – it’s one of my favourite ways to communicate with others, it’s great for business and I think it’s a lot of fun. But, I need a team of people to help run all the social media campaigns and content we promote for my business – it’s a lot of work! And, when it comes to social media, some of the best employees suited for the jobs are millennials.

Growing up using social, means Millennials know the platforms, love to learn and aren’t afraid to uncover new ways of using the tools – it’s great to have them on board. If you’re a millennial, thinking it might be time to start a career in social media – you’re going down the right track. There’s lots of jobs out there – great ones – that will let you flex your social media muscle and learn a thing or two along the way.

Here are a few excerpts from a Forbes Under 30 #LifeHacks article I recently stumbled on: 6 Social Media Jobs That are Great for Millenials.

Social Media Manager

Are you the type of person that likes to be in charge? If so, you might be perfect for a social media manager position. Social media managers are responsible for all aspects of social media campaigns. You’ll take care of the strategy, implementation, and marketing.

Forbes is right, this is a great role for anyone who isn’t really at that entry level stage anymore and are ready to move into a managerial role. Maybe you’ve had a bit of experience managing people here and there and you have a few years of running social channels and contributing to social strategy planning under your hat.

Social Media Specialist

If you excel at strategizing but don’t want all of the responsibilities that come with being a social media manager, you can become a social media specialist. Social media specialists are responsible for developing strategies to meet companies’ and clients’ social media needs.

This is another one that’s just perfect for someone who has been in the working world for a bit already – you get it when it comes to navigating the waters of being part of a business and a brand. But, you still have a lot to learn and are eager to jump in in there when it comes to strategy and working with cross-functional teams.

Social Media Coordinator

As a coordinator, you’ll be responsible for making sure that all of the posts go live every day. You can’t just post on a whim, though. You’ll follow a posting calendar for all of the social media accounts. Message relevancy is very important for social media coordinators. You’ll speak to people in all of your company’s departments to make sure you’re staying on message with each post.

Forbes hit this one right on the nose, it’s the perfect role for someone who is just getting started in corporate social media. You’ll work with a specialist and a manager to understand exactly what to do and when – but they’ll be open to your insight also. You’ll really get the hang of the whole thing as a coordinator.

That’s just a peek at this interesting article, and I think it’s spot on! Check out the full post here. Have you ever thought about a career in social media?

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