So you’re about ready to get physical but in the mood for a pre-workout snack to appease your growling belly. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a meal after burning off all that energy? Not sure what eat yet? Well, at least you’ll know what food to avoid after reading this post. I just wanted to check in and show you what foods you should stay away from pre and post workouts to help make your sessions all the more easy. Check them out below and let me know what you think in the comments section!


Bananas- If you want a snack before you start that workout, reaching for a green banana might not be the best call. Bananas that are already ripe are probably a better option because those that aren’t ripe, are harder for the body to break down.

Smoothies- Try to keep to smoothies that you’ve made yourself. Sometimes prepackaged smoothies contain too much sugar from all the fruit, plus added sugar that is used to make them. Be sure to keep an eye out for that ingredients list.

Salad- Sure, salads are super healthy and delicious, but you might want to stay away from them before you head out for that jog, Because leafy greens are full of fibers, they could lead to gas, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and bloated during your jog.

Coconut Water- This one was surprising to me too. Coconut water is supposed to be super healthy, right? Well, it does have quite a few health benefits but it’s also pretty sugary. It happens to be void of all those good carbohydrates you need pre-workout.

Hummus- This was another surprising find. Yup, hummus is great but it’s also made of starch and fats that take quite a while to digest so it could be one you should stay away from pre and post workout.


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