This may be surprising to some people but feelings are very important. They tell you a lot about yourself and your situation. Your feelings help you to navigate the world and they’re also the most natural thing about the human spirit. No one is immune to their feelings, so that’s why we need to value them and accept them. That way, they’ll help us figure out what we should do next. Find out how to accept and value all your feelings.


Negative Feelings Are Valuable- Listen, I get it. Keeping a happy face and showing the world that you’re an optimistic person is great and so important to keeping you happy. Yet, when you’re feeling something negative, you shouldn’t hide and throw those feelings away. You should value and accept those negative feelings because they are there to help you grow. It’s hard to see where these feelings come from a lot of the time, but they are a part of your present. Process those feelings and let them come. Do not suppress them.

Get Rid Of Some Common Thoughts- It’s time to stop thinking in ‘shoulds.’ For example, “I should be feelings good because I have a good job and I nice boyfriend,” or “I should be happy because there are worse things that could be happening in my life.” Sure, all these things might be true on a surface level but that doesn’t devalue what your feeling. Tell yourself it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling and that there are no ‘shoulds.’ If you’re feeling blue or sad, tell yourself it’s okay. It’s normal to be sad or angry. It’s safe.

This Will Cause Some Change- Valuing all your feelings, including the negative feelings will cause some change in your life. That change might be scary for you and you might be afraid. Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel afraid. It’s okay to have dark thoughts. You’re not abnormal, you’re only human. Be kind to yourself and those intense feelings.


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