Along with spring comes some pretty fun holidays including a day set aside all for Dads. With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s fun to start thinking about all the ways you can let Dad know just how special he is. From helping him out in the yard to spending time just chatting with him, Dads love it when you simply show them you care. This year for Father’s Day, how about giving a gift of the heart rather than a gift from a store? Not sure what you can do to show dad your appreciation? Keep reading for some great ideas.


Father’s Day: 8 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

  1. Find Dad’s favorite movie on a DVD and pop some popcorn – invite him to watch a movie, just the two of you! This one is easy, fun and super special.
  2. Go fishing. There’s a whole bunch of Dads out there who love fishing, but even if fishing isn’t your dad’s favorite sport, it is a good way to spend a whole bunch of quiet time together. It’s peaceful and a great way to hang out.
  3. Bring dad the paper and some breakfast in bed. Even though this one might be reserved for moms – dads love to feel special too! Cook him up his favorite, brew him a delicious cup of coffee and let him have some time to relax.
  4. Wash his car. This one is easy, fun and Dad really will love it. Get out the garden hose, a giant sponge and go to town!
  5. Go for a walk. Taking Dad on a walk is a great way to hang out and really talk about life and everything that’s going on.
  6. Write him a letter. Sometimes it’s so tough to explain exactly how you feel when you’re talking, but a letter is an excellent way to tell Dad just how you feel. Go for it – you know he’ll love this one.
  7. Help him with the yard work. Grab a rake or the mower and make that yard look awesome without Dad ever having to lift a finger. He works hard – it’s time for a break.
  8. Give him a hug and tell him just how much you love him.

What will you do to show the dad in your life just how much you appreciate him?

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