or some people, the thought of “going green” means paying big bucks or making huge lifestyle changes. The truth is being eco friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay a heavy price. Being conscious of our environment is just that, being conscious. So how do we give up those detrimental habits, and pick up those that will be more helpful to our environment? It really only takes a few steps. Check out these suggestions on how to practice eco friendly habits on a daily basis. Don’t panic. I promise it’s simple.


Reduce The Amount Of Food You Waste- Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t waste food! I love food!” The truth of the matter is that American households tend to waste more food than you’d think. So what can we change? First, I would suggest planning your meals ahead of time. Maybe, for some of you that sounds time consuming, but I promise that it will do a lot to help you out in the long run. Try going to the grocery store only once a week. Go when the leftovers have run out or when the fridge is almost empty. Remember, it’s all about being conscious.

Turn Your Focus To Being Active- When you need to go somewhere, the obvious choice of transportation would be a car. Your car takes you to and fro, but what if you limited your driving time to getting to work or home. What will you do the rest of the time? You’ve been saying how you want to use that dusty bike in your garage more often, so make the leap and use it as a mode of transportation. Walk if you can. Do what you have to.

Shut It Off- Now I know how attached you are to your phone and computer, but all that charging uses up a lot of energy. Even leaving on your facet while you brush your teeth is wasting water. So the best that you can do is to turn it all off. Shut off the TV, the lights in your home, and unplug your charger before you leave the house. Every little bit helps.

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