Have you noticed just how many celebrities have been in the spotlight recently for making pretty incredible careers as entrepreneurs on top of an already successful career in T.V., fashion, sports or even politics? It’s pretty incredible to see some of these celebs coming up with some awesome ideas – that have turned into booming businesses. Keep reading for a roundup of celebrities who became successful entrepreneurs. I hope these serve as inspiration to get you going towards your own entrepreneurial goals!


Celebrities Who Became Successful Entrepreneurs

Paul Newman

You’ve probably seen Newman’s Own snacks and even pet treats at grocery store – did you know it’s a nonprofit? Even though the famous actor passed away a few years back, the brand is still going strong. Newman’s Own gives back to the worldwide community in a big way too – donating nearly $400 million over the years.

Francis Ford Coppola

How about Coppola wines? You’ve probably seen them in the store and even tried one or two. Despite his incredible success as a director, he’s been involved in the wine production business for quite a while. Coppola winery employs a large staff and has become a raging success.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

With multiple fashion lines at different price points, Mary-Kate and Ashley have hit the nail on the head when it comes to that entrepreneurial spirit. The twins have maintained fashion lines at Walmart, JcPenney and The Row.

Magic Johnson

Bet you didn’t know that Magic is quite the entrepreneur! Turns out he is the founder of the Magic Johnson Foundation and not to mention the franchisee of more than 70 Starbucks locations – owning 50% of each. Now that is entrepreneurial spirit!

Jessica Alba

No one can really stop talking about Jessica Alba who not only maintains a successful acting career, is a mom and co-founded the business, The Honest Company. Selling environmentally conscious products and baby products, The Honest Company has quickly become a household name.

This is just a handful of the celebs who have become wildly successful entrepreneurs on top of already booming careers. Who’s your favorite celeb to add entrepreneur to his or her resume?


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