8 Tips for Paying Off Student Loans, ASAP

Now that the New Year is here, you’re probably trying to get those resolutions functioning in full-swing (and, I’m proud of you!). For many of us, 2014 will include some pretty strict financial resolutions, like paying off debt or saving for a house. But what about paying off those student loans that just keep hovering? Student loans seem to be in the spotlight these days – as nearly every student needs them to get a college degree. More young people than ever before are leaving college with their sights set on success, but actually face piles of debt. So rather than avoiding your student loan debt – let’s get you a plan to pay it off! Take a look below for tips to paying off those student loans, stat.











8 Tips for Paying Off Student Loans, ASAP

Make a plan (and, stick to it!)

Use your tax refund to pay off a lump sum

Open your job hunt to positions with student loan repayment perks

Reel in your expenses – buckle down and work more

Pay often and early if you can

Take a look at positions (like teaching and Americorps) that offer student loan forgiveness.

Be cautious about consolidation

Make paying off student loans a goal and a priority

How about you – have student loans affected your life? Were you surprised to see how much you owed after graduation?

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