Waking up each morning is different for everyone – but for many of us, it’s a mad rush to get out the door. You have kids to drive to school, lunches to pack, dogs to walk and sometimes it feels like the morning chaos will never end. If you’re stumbling through your mornings rather than feeling the thrill of what each new day has to offer, it may be time to make a change. You’ll still be busy with schedules to tackle and places to be, however approaching each task with intention and gratitude just may make all the difference. Believe it or not, happy people find joy in the smallest things – taking the time to savor everything from the process of waking up to each bite of breakfast. Want to join the ranks of those who find purpose and meaning in every day? Here’s a look at 8 things happy people do each morning (and you can do them too!).

8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning

  1. They take a few minutes to reflect on everything they have and love in life. A few simple deep breaths, a couple of yoga moves or even just a meditative moment can set the tone for the whole day.
  2. Have some quiet time to catch up on reading their favorite blogs, flipping through the pages of a magazine or even steal a few quiet moments with a book.
  3. Happy people have a set routine to follow each day. Think in terms of laying your clothes out the night before, enjoying a cup of coffee while you make lunches for the kids and even give the dog his daily romp.
  4. Start each day fresh. The slip ups of yesterday have passed and today is a new chance to get going with a clean slate. Happy people give themselves the opportunity to experience something new, have an adventure or even take a bit of a risk.
  5. The get up and get moving. Morning exercise can truly set the tone for an entire day – it gets the endorphins flowing and the heart pumping in such a way that clears the mind and gives the body the chance to feel energized and balanced.
  6. They take a moment to think about their daily and lifelong goals. Living life with intention helps bring a sense of direction to each and every day.
  7. They simply enjoy it. It’s the beginning of a new day, after all! Morning has such a beautiful presence and fresh feeling – happy people savor every moment of it.
  8. The happiest people tackle challenges with grace and their heads held high – the rough patches come and go for everyone – how you handle it is half the battle.

Where do you see yourself on the happiness scale? Do you think setting the tone each morning could help bring a smile and a sense of contentment to your day?

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