I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. – Mahatma Ghandi

Leaders know how to make informed decisions under tremendous pressure, guided to do so by their life experiences. The most powerful leaders are instinctual decision-makers, capable of generating critical judgments within lightning speed due to the fact they can rely on their ‘gut instincts’.

Here are 8 Habits of the World’s Most Powerful Leaders:

#1 They Know How to Create an innovative workplace.
Successful directors encourage innovation, creating a ‘Think Tank’ ambiance bursting with fresh, exciting new ideas.

#2 They Know how to Communicate expectations.
The most effective leaders are seasoned communicators. By communicating expectations of your team members, there is less room for misunderstandings and disappointments.

#3 They Know who to Deal with Toxic Energy.

Leaders know to quickly extinguish toxic energies from the workplace – anything that threatens to disrupt momentum needs to make a hasty exit.

#4 They How to Make Sound Decisions.
Identify issues, explore solutions and make decisions – this is the general everyday formula for the majority of successful leaders.

#5 They Reward Superstars.
Great influencers will always give credit where credit is due – they will always reward consistent high performers because they understand how valuable they are to the organization.

#6 They Give Feedback.
Always give feedback so that your team knows where they stand with you. Your team cannot grow personally or professionally if they are not aware of their short-comings.

#7 They Encourage Positive Energy.
There is nothing more demotivating or disruptive than people who bring bad energy to work with them. Energy is contagious, so make sure you’re spreading positive, inspiring spirit every day.

#8 They Surround Themselves With Like-Minded Individuals
Successful leaders surround themselves with successful leaders. Why? Because investing in relationships with lifters and other prominent leaders broadens their influential network and brings more success.

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