Have you ever noticed that the way you start your day can easily set the tone for the next twelve hours? When you oversleep, start out grumpy, eat something out of your norm – whatever it may be – your day can easily get off on the wrong foot. But, on the other hand, when you have a solid routine that includes healthy habits, you can easily make each day better than the last. Ready to start your day on a path to success? Here’s a look at some practices I’ve found useful. I hope they help you start off on the right foot, too!

7 Healthy Habits That Set You up for Success

7 Healthy Habits That Set You up for Success

#1. Drink a glass of warm lemon water before you eat or drink coffee or breakfast. It gets your whole system started on the right foot, refreshes and cleanses your body and helps gear your digestive system up for the day ahead.

#2. Set the alarm for an earlier wake up. Sounds tough, right? Turns out getting out of bed bright and early will help you get going for the rest of the day. The peace and quiet of the early morning hours is a great way to spend some time with yourself – reading the paper, enjoying some alone time or going for a nice walk. If it sounds a bit intimidating to wake up much earlier – try easing into it in 15 minute blocks. Before you know it, you’ll be the morning person you never knew you could be!

#3. Read a book. Even though getting lost in a good book is often a bedtime activity for many of us, you’d be surprised at how much you might enjoy picking your book up for 30 minutes or so each morning. Pour a cup of coffee, pull up your favorite chair – or even hop back in bed – but get some good reading time in.

#4. Make your daily exercise program a morning routine. No matter what type of exercise you like to get, switching gears to a morning routine will help start your day on an energizing and invigorating foot. Join a running club or take an early a.m. yoga class – you’ll be surprised at how many other people are up too!

#5. Meditate. Did you know that some of the best meditations are just two-three minutes long? In that short amount of time you have the power to truly relax and let all your stresses go. Roll out of bed and start the day immediately with a highly focused and peaceful meditation – it’s a great way to set the tone for success.

#6. Take your vitamins. Whether you’re a one-a-day type of vitamin user or you take a variety of supplements, adding vitamins to your daily routine will help ensure your body is getting every nutrient it needs to operate at peak performance.

#7. Make your bed. Sounds so simple, right? Here’s the thing – it really means you’re up and ready to face the day – it’s step one when it comes to setting the tone for focused productivity. When you get home at night and the bed is made and your room is tidy, it will feel so good to get back in it.

Do you have morning routines that you swear by for getting your day going on the right foot?

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