So it’s not just you who wants to get healthy in 2015, but your best friend, partner, boyfriend, hubby – that special man in your life – is committed to good health in the New Year too. Believe it or not, two minds are better than one when it comes to eating well – having a buddy makes the whole thing more fun. From cutting back on sugars and sodium to adding healthy fats and fibers to the daily routine, pass along these 7 foods that are great for men’s health to your man to help him (and you!) stay focused on a future of eating clean. Cheers to a lean, mean and healthy machine in 2015!

Steak. So your guy loves red meat – and a lot of it. Well, remind him that anything in moderation is OK, and that includes lean, red meat. When it comes to steak, though, it’s best to stick to grass-fed rib-eyes for the best nutritional value. Turns out that grass-fed animals are loaded vitamin E – a great immune booster.

Greens, greens and more greens. Your guy needs to get those fiber and nutrient-packed greens in, but doesn’t love a big salad, right? Try green juice! Packed with flavor from other fruits and veggies, green juice packs a punch, but tastes delicious too.

Bacon. Another staple that just cannot be resisted? It’s OK – as long as he goes for the uncured type. Stick to smoked, natural versions that leave the chemicals out and the natural stuff in.

Cherries. Yes, cherries! Did your man’s New Year’s resolution include getting back to the gym? Turns out cherry juice has incredible anti-inflammatory powers and can make those sore muscles feel better, fast! Cherries are also loaded with good-for-you vitamins and minerals – a two-for-one!

Pork. Craving a healthy dinner that’s still fulfilling? Try organic center cut boneless pork chops. Throw those on the grill for a low-calorie, but loaded with protein dinner that cannot be beat.

Shellfish. Want to be sure that reproductive system stays top-notch? The zinc found in shellfish just may do the trick. Other types of seafood and shellfish are loaded with zinc, which not only keeps sperm quality high, it also helps maintain muscles and is essential for heart health.

Dark Chocolate. Just like the rest of us, your man probably loves a good sweet now and then, so how about getting him to make dark chocolate a diet staple? Dark chocolate helps keep blood pressure on track, improves circulation and can even keep cholesterol in check.

What do you think? Will your man make these foods part of his diet?

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