It’s that time of year again. You know it well…when you feel the burning desire to clean your home from top to bottom and rid yourself of excess clutter. The thing is, it not only affects your home, but your car, office, your whole self! January is not only a great time to get organized, to start the year off on the right foot, but also a time to clear the clutter from your body – and find your sleekest, most fit self. No matter what, clearing out the clutter feels amazing – you have to work for it – but, it’s the good type of work where the end result leaves you feeling great. Not sure where to get started, here are six things to clean out in January.

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6 Things to Clean Out in January

#1. The fridge. It’s been a long road of holidays and now is the time to think about starting the New Year off on the right foot by setting yourself up for a healthy month. It’s time to ditch any of that leftover food and beverage still lingering from holiday gatherings. Cookie dough, cheese, wine – you name it – time to toss. Your body and mind will thank you for this. Once it’s cleared out, give it a good scrub and then hit the market in search of wholesome, fresh foods to start the year off right.

#2. The Christmas lights and tree. If your Christmas tree is still hanging around, it’s time to say goodbye. This is a tough one because you love it so much. But, when all the ornaments are organized and put away and the tree is down, you’ll feel amazing. Lighter, less cluttered and like you have a clean slate for kicking off the year. Same goes for any lights strung in the house, on the house or in the yard. It’s time to take them down and head back to storage for another year.

#3. Your office or desk. The couple weeks leading up to the holidays often means we take a little break from work and focus on spending time relaxing and being with family. That’s great and necessary, but your office and desk often ends up neglected or a dumping ground for stuff like loose mail, papers, cards – you name it. And, that’s no way to start the New Year. Get in there and get organized – it will feel amazing.

#4. Your tech. Sounds crazy, but oh so true! Between our computers, tablets, smartphones etc. we all have so much tech going on, it’s tough to keep track. And, just like anything else, it gets crammed with junk and things we’ll handle later. Time to clean out all those photos (send them to the cloud), get rid of apps you don’t use regularly and sort through your email. This tech clean out feels ah-mazing.

#5. Your car. If you have a car, you know it can easily become a dumping ground or catch all for stuff like workout gear, water bottles, paperwork for work or school, winter gear like hats and gloves, dog stuff – like leashes and tennis balls – you name it. There comes a point when it’s totally overwhelming and that’s exactly what you don’t want. Declutter that car trunk and all and set yourself up for a junk-free start to the year. Once it’s all clean, treat yourself to a car wash!

#6. YOU! From body to mind now is the time to start fresh and that’s easy to do when you dedicate yourself to a new start for the New Year. Think detox teas, smoothie mornings and steam rooms and massage – sounds pretty good, right? Spend the first few weeks of the New Year skipping the libations, skipping the sweets and filling your body with good-for-you veggies and fruit. Get back on the exercise train and sweat out all the holiday overindulgent toxins – don’t skip the sauna and steam room – now is the perfect time. Once you’re feeling “cleaned out” treat your body and mind to a massage. Not only do you deserve it, but your body will thank you too.

Have you set forth on cleaning out different layers of your life to kick start 2017?

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