If you’re thinking it’s time to start bringing a little more nature into your life, that’s an excellent decision. Our day-to-day lives are loaded with processed foods and chemicals we don’t even realize we’re using. While taking a more natural approach to living means cutting some of the artificial ingredients, it also means incorporating some of the wonderful things nature has to offer in multiple areas of your life. From making time in the outdoors a daily priority to placing focus on whole and natural foods, here’s a few simple steps to natural living that will be easy to incorporate and make your life a whole lot better.

natural living

  • Try cooking at home and from scratch. While that might sound a little tedious and time consuming, once you get in a rhythm it’s pretty wonderful. With a few go-to recipes and a shopping plan ahead of time, you can make cooking each night a fun family affair.
  • Try cleaning with natural products. This one might sound a little daunting when bleach is really your go-to for all things clean. But did you know essential oils and natural products (like lemons!) can make cleaning a breeze and leaves all the chemicals out of the equation?
  • Make reusable products part of your norm. Rather than grabbing that to-go coffee in a paper or Styrofoam cup each time, opt to use your own reusable mug. How easy is that? Giving your kiddos reusable lunch containers rather than plastic baggies is a pretty easy switch also.
  • Test out your green thumb. Ever thought of starting a garden of your own? If it sounds like a huge undertaking – no worries, you could even start with a single potted plant. Try your hand at growing a tomato plant or even a small herb garden. You’ll love growing your own foods and adding that natural element to your daily life. Not to mention, you’ll get to spend some time outside taking in that wonderful fresh air.
  • Skip the meds when possible and opt for alternative methods. Sometimes when you’re feeling under the weather, taking the alternative road rather than turning to over-the-counter meds is a great option. From acupuncture to essential oils, meditation and herbs, you can often skip the pharmacy and feel a whole lot better, naturally.
  • Get outside. It may be freezing out there right now, but remember spring is on its way – and even that brisk winter air will feel great on your skin and lungs. Sometimes stepping outside, even just for a few minutes, offers just the burst of sunlight you need to brighten your spirit and your day. If you can – add a little outdoor exercise while you’re at – your body (and mind) will thank you.

Have you tried adding aspects of natural living to your day-to-day? What’s your favorite way to make nature more prevalent for you and your family?

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