6 Powerful Stress Coping Mechanisms

Do you ever feel as though there literally can’t be any more stress in your life? Like it’s all piled up and you simply cannot figure out how to tame or manage it? It’s true that some stress (just a bit!) is good for staying motivated and on point, but when it gets out of control, stress can be completely debilitating. Dealing with stress in smaller chunks helps to keep some of those anxious feelings at bay while also helping to curb unhealthy coping mechanisms. Rather than turning to food, alcohol or even becoming reclusive, here’s a look at some healthy and positive ways of dealing with stress.


6 Powerful Stress Coping Mechanisms

Practice deep breathing exercises. Sounds so simple, right? Turns out it is, but it’s also really effective for taking a high stress situation down to a much more manageable level. Simply close your eyes and spend five minutes focused on the sound of your breathing – that’s it. You’ll be amazed at how this calms you down.

Take up yoga. There are so many different types of yoga out there, finding one that works for you might take a bit of trial and error, but you will find something great. From more athletic styles of yoga to something purely meditative, you can use this time to leave all the stresses of life outside the door while you focus on simply being in the moment.

Take a long walk. Fresh air works wonders for even the most stressful situations, giving you time to clear your head, take deep breaths and to just be outside. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, a quick walk will help put it all in perspective.

Meditate. This may sound a bit intimidating if you have never practiced meditation before – but that’s ok – you’ll get the hang of it! Some simple meditation each day can bring a few moments of peace to an otherwise hectic and stressful schedule.

Get enough sleep. Sometimes sleep is the rest for the mind that the body needs in order to rejuvenate and tackle life’s really tough stuff. When you start slacking on sleep all the minor stressors will seem huge and the big ones will seem completely unmanageable. For keeping it all in check, make sleep a number one priority.

Spend time with friends. When you just need a little momentary vacation from life, go out or hang out with your besties for just a bit. A little bit of laughter is often the best medicine and a great way to put it all back into perspective.

We are all affected by stress in different ways, what sorts of coping mechanisms work best for you?

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