When we feel stuck in our situation, whether it is a job or relationship, we feel as though we’re stuck for life. Hopeless feelings start to bubble up inside of us and we tend to feel sad about life in general. The present feels endless and like there’s no way out. First, we need to recognize these feelings and listen to them. It’s important that we listen to them so we can figure out what to do next. So what can we do next? How can we feel less stuck? Read on to find out.


Accept Those ‘Stuck’ Feelings- Again, we need to accept those feelings of being stuck. When we don’t notice these feelings, we’re letting life take over. Once we accept that those feelings are valid, we’re jumping into the drivers seat and taking life into our own hands.

Start Asking the Right Questions- Start questioning your emotions. Become self-reflective and introspective. Listen to your own voice. Answer these questions: What am I afraid of? Who can I turn to in order to discuss these feelings? What is standing in my way? What is true about my life? How can I change it?

Try Something New- The best thing you can do is try to do something new. I’m all about doing. What is it that will help you to feel more alive? Let go of that person who is bringing out down, decide to change the way you feel about your job. Maybe, try taking a class you’ve always wanted to take. Doing new things brings us excitement, along with that fear that’s been keeping us stuck. Try your best to let go of that fear! You stronger than you think.

Stop Blaming Others- It’s easy to blame others for our situation, especially if that’s the way you were raised. Take full responsibility for your life. Remember that you could have said “yes” or “no” to those situations and people in your life that have led you where you are now. This means that you can do the same now and create some change.

Be Grateful- Despite all these negative feelings, it’s important that you feel grateful and stay happy as you begin to try new things and take control of your life. Change isn’t going to happen over night so you need to start feeling happy with what you have now. Take a deep breath and take it day by day.

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