OK, so you’re still struggling with that New Year’s resolution. The one that said – this is your year to get fit, stay fit, and most importantly, enjoy a fit lifestyle. Getting on that bandwagon is tough, especially if it comes as a big change to the way you’ve been living so far. From making exercise a mainstay in your daily routine, to completely changing your eating habits or even quitting smoking or cutting back on alcohol – no matter what, change is tough. When you find yourself looking around and you see those friends who just seem healthy and fit without even trying – that can certainly make you feel down. So how do they do it? How and why can they make staying fit seem so easy? Well often, they have a few things in common. Want in on the secret? Here’s a look at 5 things fit people never do.

things fit people never do

  1. It’s true! Think about your most fit friends – are they constantly on a roller coaster of get thin quick diet plans or do they just seem to easily maintain? They definitely aren’t dieting, but rather a being fit is a lifestyle. They eat whole foods, good foods and foods that fuel their exercise programs. Loads of leafy greens, fruits, lean meats and nuts are often the staples of a fit person’s nutritional plan. It comes easy because it’s a lifestyle, not a fad.
  2. Skimp on sleep. No truly fit person skips out on sleep because they absolutely need that recharge to stay on track each day. They want that fuel to face tomorrow’s run or other exercise program head on – they’re focused on success and that means being well rested.
  3. Skip out on exercise. Sure, even the most fit people miss an exercise sesh every once in a while, but for the most part, exercise is a major part of their day. They enjoy getting in there, having that heart pumping and the challenge is a big part of the success. It may be tough waking up at 5:30 every morning to squeeze in some gym time, but fit people face that challenge with a commitment to health.
  4. Cheat themselves on water. Fit people drink water – and loads of it. Staying hydrated is the name of the game when it comes to tackling a new exercise program or facing a long run. Cheating yourself of water is an easy way to feel lethargic, run down or even headachy and sick. Making water a priority is the first step to a more fit life.
  5. Feel constantly defeated by exercise and nutrition. Truly fit people don’t look at exercise as a chore that they have to struggle through – instead, they actually enjoy it and embrace it fully. They’re nutritional plan isn’t about what they deprive themselves of, but rather what they get to enjoy – delicious, whole foods. Changing your mindset is step one when it comes to adopting a fit lifestyle – because it’s really about what you’re getting, not what you’re giving up.

What do you think? Can you adopt some of these lifestyle changes to help set yourself on the road to fitness?

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