If you’re heading out on a much needed girls trip this summer, here are 5 things every woman should do for the ultimate girls trip:

Relax on the Beach

Casa Palopó  —San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala 

Photo by Serge DETALLE

Some of the best beaches in the world include beaches in the tropical paradise of Panama (Bocas Del Toro beach), Hawaii (Honokalani Beach in Maui), Brazil (Fernando de Noronha beach) and the Philippines (Pamalican beach) as well as Miami’s iconic South Beach. You and your girls can relax and enjoy the beautiful vistas of whichever locale you choose. One of the best ways to unwind, relax and de-stress is at the beach.

Engage in Retail Therapy

Treat Yo’ Friend

Photo by Granger Wootz/Blend Images

Shopping is a girls best friend and I have to admit before I decide on any vacation locale – I have to make sure the shopping is equally as good as the beaches. So if you’re doing a girls trip this summer – shopping with your best girlfriends can be the ultimate bonding experience. Enrich the experience by getting each other keepsake souvenirs so you can all remember the special moments of your summer girls trip. Madrid, Dubai, Milan, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Paris, London and Tokyo all made CNN’s list of Top 12 Shopping Destinations in the World.

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Go Hiking Like Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Hiking Italy

A great way to stay healthy and experience the flora and fauna of your chosen locale is to go hiking.  Wake up just before sunrise and hit the trail.  Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or facing your biggest fear, there is nothing like having your circle of trust and support system by your side to cheer you on.

While on vacation in Italy over the May 20 weekend, Michelle Obama made time for her version of having a good time: taking a vigorous hike! The former first lady was spotted hiking through the greenery of Sienna, Italy, close to her luxury resort. Of course the former first lady, whose platform was getting Americans healthier, wanted to work off all the delicious carbs she’s eaten in Italy. She was also spotted earlier in the weekend getting in a little sightseeing and food tasting throughout Montalcino, Italy, with her friends. Gelato all around!

Go Food Tasting with Your Girls

Food and Wine tasting with your best girlfriends can be a delightful treat. Sample local cuisine at different sightseeing spots to ensure a rich cullinary-visual experience. You’ll remember exactly what spots offered up the most tantalizing cuisine and make lasting memories you and your girlfriends will savour forever. The best locales for food and wine tasting include Niagara-on-the lake, several Islands in the Caribbean like Jamaica (jerk chicken), the Cayman Islands (seafood including conch ceviche, octopus fritters, fresh-off-the-boat tuna, mahi mahi, and wahoo among the top dishes on local menus) and Barbados (coucou and flying fish), and ofcourse Paris and Brussels (for some of the most delectable pastries in the world).

Go Sightseeing
















Every girls trip calls for lots and lots of sightseeing. Each locale has instagram worthy shots worth taking and sharing so figure out in advance by planning a detailed itinerary of the best sightseeing spots and figure out with your girls, by way of prioritizing and budget, which of them you will see first. Local history, art and culture are clues to which sightseeing spots will resonate with you and provide a story and narrative of the locale. Join a group tour or plan your own itinerary based on a custom themed trip you and your girls have planned, which will make for a lifetime of memories.

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