Spring has finally arrived – it’s so exciting! Even though it might still be chilly outside, the changing of the seasons means warmer weather really is right around the corner. Perfect timing for learning some delicious cold coffee recipes to make at home – don’t you think? If you’re ready to take your morning coffee from hot to refreshing, keep reading for some of the best iced coffee recipes out there.


5 Delicious Iced Coffee Recipes

1. Iced Coconut Marley Coffee



8 ounces strong brewed Marley Coffee, cold

1/3 cup coconut milk [your choice: lite or full-fat]

3 tablespoons coconut cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons toasted coconut


Brew coffee and let cool – this can work with leftover morning coffee, or I suggest making some at night and once it cools, putting it in the fridge overnight. Combine all ingredients except the toasted coconut. Pour over ice, top with toasted coconut, serve!



2. The perfect Vietnamese Iced Coffee

vietnamese ice coffee(Source)

Brew a batch of cold brew coffee.  I place 2 cups of ground coffee in 8 cups of water and let it sit all day or overnight.  To avoid any grounds in the coffee, strain it first and then let it drip through a coffee filter into a glass bottle.  Store the coffee concentrate in the fridge to use as needed.

The rest of this recipe is less than exact and can be altered as you want to make it sweeter or stronger.

Fill a glass half full of ice.

Pour the glass half to two thirds full of the strong brewed coffee you made in step one.

Add one large dollop of sweetened condensed milk {fat free is fine} and stir until well mixed.

Fill the glass the rest of the way with half and half {again, fat free is fine}.  Stir well … –

… and enjoy the most delicious iced coffee you’ve ever had!


3. Mocha Frappuccino



1 cup brewed coffee

Ice cubes

1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder (you can use vanilla too, it just won’t be “mocha”)

2 Tablespoons skim milk or Silk unsweetened soymilk

1 packet calorie-free sweetener



  1. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes and pour coffee over.
  2. In a separate small mug, combine whey protein, milk, and sweetener. Mix with a fork until lump-free. Pour over coffee, add a straw and enjoy!



caramel machhiato(Source)


-3/4 oz. vanilla syrup
-2 cups almond milk (about)
-2 shots espresso*
-caramel sauce


  1. Pour vanilla syrup into the bottom of your glass. I like using mason jars because they hold a lot and they’re cute. We use the quart size.
    2. Fill mason jar with ice almost to the top.
    3. Pour almond milk over the ice.
    4. Add some caramel sauce, and when I say some, I mean A LOT
    5. Pour espresso shots over the milk.
    6. Add more caramel sauce, obviously


5. Marley Coffee Protein Shake



1 scoop Garden of Life® Marley Coffee Flavored RAW Protein Powder

1 Tbsp. peanut butter

8 ounces chilled coffee

1 frozen banana


  1. Make coffee ahead of time and let chill. ~2 hours
  2. Add all ingredients to high speed blender and blend until smooth.


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